[SOLVED] How to Fix LG Refrigerator Error Code Er FF

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We have given here the solution to Fix LG Refrigerator Error Code Er FF easily and quickly. If your LG Refrigerator displays Error Code Er FF, then it that Freezer Fan has some issue. If the Frost is formed in the LG Freezer than it may cause the Error Code Er FF to be displayed in the LG Fridge Panel. In short, Due to the Frost, LG Freezer fan gets frozen and stuck and will now be unable to function correctly. In the below article we have given the all the possible causes and solution for the G Refrigerator Error Code Er FF.

When you face the LG Refrigerator Error Code Er FF, Please switch of the Fridge and wait for nearly 25 minutes and then switch back on the power supply. In most cases it will reset Error Code Er FF. If it still doesn’t clear the error then please check below instructions.

In most cases the main issue that cause the Er FF error code is due the LG Refrigerator Freezer Fan. It means that the Freezer fan motor is faulty or is damaged. In some other cases, this error may be also due to the ice formation in the freezer fan which makes the freezer fan difficult to turn.

In case of LG French Door Refrigerators, please carefully check the gaskets which is around door for any fault or damage. It can be also possible that gasket may be coming off the refrigerator door.
If you see that the frost has buildup in the walls of LG freezer then it is advisable to level off the LG fridge door and make sure it is perfectly align, because a frozen frost in the wall may cause due to incorrect leveling.

What Causes LG Refrigerator Error Code Er FF?

  1. If you see that the Freezer fan is covered in Frost then please remove the Frost by switching off the Refrigerator for few hours and leveling the door.
  2. If the door gaskets is faulty or damaged then you need to replace it.
  3. You should make sue the LG Refrigerator and door are perfectly leveled.
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You can see the troubleshooting and how to level the LG Refrigerator in LG Fridge manual. Just search with your LG Fridge Model number and read the instructions.

Check the LG Freezer Fan Below.


LG Refrigerator Door Gasket Assembly

LG Refrigerator Error Code Er FF Video

We hope that you are now able to fix the LG Refrigerator Error Code Er FF issue. For more issues and solution on LG Refrigerators like lg filter issues, please keep visiting our website.

6 thoughts on “[SOLVED] How to Fix LG Refrigerator Error Code Er FF

  1. María Hurtado

    Hi! My fridge is exactly like the one in the video, but my freezer don’t frost like is shown in the video and the fan works fine because we can see it moving when we open the freezer, but for some reason the error FF keeps showing up, and the fridge is level, so I don’t know if you can help me to find other solution for that error code, I really need help, thank you!

    1. An

      same with mine. Unplug and plug make it work for a few hours then issue returns. I am starting to think it’s an issue with circuit board. Did you find a solution?

  2. Mo

    I have same problem like the first post. Unplugging then plugging in immediately solves the issue for hours and issue returns. Please help!!

  3. graham reside

    I replaced the fan and the FF error is still showing. The refrigerator is not cooling. Is it time to replace the board?

  4. Pat

    I have the same issue. No frost anywhere in the refrigerator or freezer. Unplugged for twelve hours restarted it and it worked fine for four hours and error code e ff returns. refrigerator is working but does not get cold enough to freeze.

  5. J Harper

    I have the same issue. Replaced motor and fan blade today & the Er FF code is still on and will not clear. Any suggestions?


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