[SOLVED] How to Fix Samsung Refrigerator Freezer Fan Not Working

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Here we have give the Solution for How to Fix Samsung Refrigerator Freezer Fan Not Working.  You notice that the temperature of freezer side will increase too high. You have tried by removing the fan panel, back panel and noticed that the ducts are completely frozen. When you melt away all those ice, you observe that now freezer again started working but it sometimes the issue return again. So what is the reason of this issue. We have given the solution below.

In Freezer compartment you will find the Samsung Freezer Fan (Evaporator fan) and Samsung Motor. This Samsung Freezer Fan main function is to supply the air over and around the evaporator coil when the compressor runs. So for inspecting the Freezer Evaporator fan, please switch off the Refrigerator and carefully remove the evaporator fan cover and check it carefully with necessary equipment. Please see below for more details.

After defrosting the Samsung Freezer you need to Switch on the Samsung Refrigerator and check for below observation to solve Samsung Refrigerator Freezer Fan Not Working.

  • Is the Freezer Fan now started running again? Can you hear the voice of its running?
  • Please note that Samsung Freezer Fan only runs when the freezer door is closed.
  • Try to hear closely the sound of Freezer Fan start when you open the door and stop sound when you close the door.
  • Just try to hear the sound coming from freezer area only ad the compressor sound may confuse you.
  • By this way you can tell that if Samsung Freezer Fan is not working or it is working.
  • If the Samsung Freezer Fan is working but still facing Freezer issue then it may be due too the defrost heating.
  • If you are not able to hear the sound of Samsung Freezer Fan then possible causes may be due to faulty Freezer fan or the Fan circuit board is damaged.
  • When you do troubleshooting it is advisable to switch off the Fridge or use utmost caution.
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You can replace the Freezer Fan which you can buy from Amazon or from your local shop.

Samsung Refrigerator Freezer Fan Not Working

How to Fix Samsung Freezer Fan Not Working.

Please check the below image to identify the different parts of Samsung Refrigerator which will help you in troubleshoot.

We hope that now you are able to solve the Samsung Refrigerator Freezer Fan Not Working issue. Please visit our site for more solution on Refrigerator issues.

One thought on “[SOLVED] How to Fix Samsung Refrigerator Freezer Fan Not Working

  1. Michael Lindley

    I had the freezer fan error (second 8 bottom segment flashing = error 11 which is the freezer fan inop. Mine would cool the freezer to about 30 degrees and then turn the error on again (after unplugging for reset). I purchased a new fan from Amazon with a defrost thermostat for $19.98. Disassembled the thing and both fans ran fine. Remember that the fans won’t run unless the door is closed so just duck tape the switch. Ran the freezer until 30 degrees or so and found that the right fan had stopped. Removed the fan and replaced the defrost sensor and fan. Works fine now. It appears that the right fan had water inside somehow and when it got to 30 degrees it froze up. This is a short explanation of three days of study and disassembly and reassembly but it worked for me. Don’t spend $3k on a new one. Fix yours yourself because I couldn’t find a repair place locally that would touch it….


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