[SOLVED] How To Change LG Refrigerator Air Filter?

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Here we have given steps by steps details on How to Change LG Refrigerator Air Filter. LG Refrigerator has a small but a very powerful and efficient Air Filter. It is always recommended to replace the LG Refrigerator Air Filter every 6 months. This helps in avoiding bad smells and odors and helps in keeping LG refrigerator clean and fresh. LG Refrigerator will tell you automatically when you need to change LG Refrigerator Air Filter. When you see the warning “CHANGE FILTER” in the panel, you need to replace the filter quickly.

How To Change LG Refrigerator Air Filter?

  1. Your LG panel will display Change Air Filter message.
  2. Turn the LG Air Filter cover to the left and remove the filter.
  3. Now you can see the old LG air filter inside the cover.
  4. No gently remove it.
  5. Now replace the old filter with the new one inside the cover.
  6. Make sure that the side which is facing outward has FRONT written on it.
  7. Now close the Air filter cover by holding it in positioning and turn it to the right to lock it properly.
  8. Now please press and hold the AIR FILTER button on LG panel for 3 seconds.
  9. This will make the Air filter button to rest and message will go away and LG Air filter will be installed.

By using the above method you will be able to change LG Refrigerator Air filter easily. You can buy the LG Air filter on Amazon for cheap and it will be of good quality.

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How To Change LG Refrigerator Air Filter

Change LG Refrigerator Air Filter Video

We hope that this article helped you greatly in removing and replacing the LG air filter. Please do comment for any questions or suggestion of Refrigerators and we will answer.

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