[SOLVED] How to Fix Washing Machine Leaking Water From Bottom?

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We have given here the solution for How to Fix Washing Machine Leaking Water From Bottom. Are you seeing the water under your washer? Is your Washing machine is leaking or someone has spilled water under it? You are confused if its leaking when it is during its fill cycle, or its spin cycle or the leakage is due to the drain hose or the leaking is happening when the Washing Machine is not in use. Below we have given instructions on what is cause, what needs to be checked and how to fix Washing Machine Leaking Water From Bottom.


  1.  If you ever see the Water at the bottom of the Washing Machine, then please check is it the water or something else, If it is other than water than most probably someone has spilled it. Use some dry cloth or tissue to remove this spillage. Make sure that the bottom of washer should be completely dry now.
  2. Now please run a complete wash cycle to make sure that the cause of water under washer is due to washer leakage or due to spillage. If required please run the wash cycle two times to confirm it. If you don’t see any leakage than its due to spillage and no further action will be required.
  3.  But if you see the Washing Machine Leaking Water From Bottom then something else is causing the water due to leakage in washer or around it. Sometimes tightening the water hose, replacing the water inlet filter screens and by changing the o-rings will fix this issue. If it doesn’t then please read further below to check other parts of washing machine.
  4. Please check the water supply hoses carefully. You can find it easily. It is hose that runs from wall to you washer. Check for any visible sign of damage. If you see and damage then you might have to replace it. Please confirm that it is tightly secured.
    washing machine water hose
  5. Run the wash cycle and if you see that water hoses is leaking than you may have to replace the o-rings which is situated at the input and output of the water hoses of the washer. For two pipes a total of 4 o-rings needs to be checked. Please replace all four and test the wash cycle again. Please note that if the water is leaking during the fill cycle then wahser water cycle are loose and should be tighen. At Amazon you can buy the good quality washer O-rings for cheap.
    How to Fix Washing Machine Leaking Water From Bottom
  6. If you observe carefully, you will see that the water hoses connected to the washing machine will have a mesh screen. You can find it at the location where it connects to the washing machine. Sometimes it becomes dirty and get blocked which can cause the leaking of water under the washer. Please check this mesh screen filters for any fault and make sure that it is not clogged or blocked. If it is then clean it or replace it.
  7. Also make sure that the washing machine is perfectly level with the ground. You can adjust the levelling by adjusting the washing machine feet. if you have a level, then place it on the top of washing machine to confirm that it is perfectly leveled.
  8. Sometimes the leakage in washing machine is caused due to overloading of clothes. Please make sure that there is no overloading and you are using the amount of clothes under the specified limit.
  9. While washing please don’t put the large quantity of HE detergent or the wrong type of detergent which can cause the suds and can become the reason for leakage of water.
  10. Please make sue that washing machine drain plug is removed. If your washing machine is new and you forgot to remove the washer drain plug before you connect the drain hose, will cause the blockage and will result in leakage of water in washing machine.
  11. If all the water hoses and other parts of hose are perfectly connected with no damage then Washing Machine Leaking Water From Bottom issue may be due to the internal hoses for filling or draining. It might be loose or damaged or got clogged. Please check the inside of washer to make it sure that they are properly connected and no damage which can cause the leakage.
  12. When Washing Machine leaks when not in use, then it might be due to the water hoses situated at the washing machine which may be damaged or clogged or loosely fitted. If damaged then you have to replace it.
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Fix Washing Machine Leaking Water From Bottom Video

We hope that above instruction help you in fixing the leaking washer from bottom. You can check more issues like Dishwasher leaking in this website. Please do comment with any questions or suggestions.

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