[SOLVED] Fix Amana Dishwasher Lights Blinking – How to Reset

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Are you facing the issue of Amana Dishwasher Lights Blinking? Here we have give the solution for how to fix the Amana Dishwasher Light Flashing. You notice the suddenly the lights are blinking and you have not even yet used the dishwasher for cleaning. Is it due to the faulty electronic control board? How to troubleshoot Amana Dishwasher to fix this issue of Blinking lights without calling any external repair service. Do it at home easily by following the instruction below.

  1. How to reset Amana Dishwasher Lights Blinking?
    The blinking of lights in Amana Dishwasher means that you need to reset the dishwasher or you may have to replace or repair some parts of the dishwasher. Please make sure that you always disconnect the powersupply to Amana Dishwasher before doing any troubleshoot.
    If your Amana Dishwasher lights are flashing then you can simply reset the dishwasher by disconneting it from power supply for nearly 5 minutes. This will allow the Amana Dishwasher Control Board to reset and clear the dishwasher lights blinking.
    So try this before you check for other parts to determine the issue.
    – Carefully Unplug the Amana Dishwasher
    – Now please wait for nearly 5-6 minutes.
    – Now switch on the Dishwasher.
    – Now test the dishwasher and see if it has been reset and the blinking of light is stopped.
    If it still doesn’t solve the issue of Amana Dishwasher Lights Blinking, then please check below for further causes and solution.
  2. Check Amana Dishwasher Heating element
    The main function of Amana Dishwasher Heating element is to heat the water for cleaning the dishes. If it is not able to heat the water to the required temperature, Then the control panel of dishwasher lights will blink to give you warning. You can easily check the Heating element to see if it is damaged or burned or got broken. if you are unable to find any visual clues then use any electronic device to see if its working correctly. If you see any fault then please remove and replace the Amana Dishwasher Heating Element.
    Amana Dishwasher Heating Element
  3. Check Amana Dishwasher Error Codes and Fix Accordingly
    Most of the Amana dishwasher will have a digital display panel where you can see the error code. If you see any error code, check the error code in the pdf manual for cause and solution. You can check it here.
  4. Amana Dishwasher Drain Pump Issue.
    The main function of Amana dishwasher Drain pump is to drain the water from dishwasher into the drain hose. If it is faulty or got clogged then it will cause the issue of Amana Dishwasher Lights Blinking. Try t see if there is any blockage in drain pump which is stopping the water flow. Also check the drain pump motor to see if its working correctly or not. If you don’t find any continuity in Amana dishwasher drain pump then please replace it. You can get it in Amazon.

  5. Check Amana Dishwasher Control Panel
    Please check the Amana dishwasher control panel carefully. Please make sure that the control panel is fully working and is properly illuminated. Also check that all buttons in the control panel is working. If you see that any of the buttons are not working when you press it then you may have to change the Amana dishwasher control panel.
    Amana Dishwasher Control Panel
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How to Fix Amana Dishwasher Lights Blinking Video

We hope that now you are able to resolve all of your dishwasher light flashing issue. Please keep visiting our site for more dishwasher issue. Comment for any questions and we will answer.

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