[SOLVED] How to Fix Water Is Leaking Behind Refrigerator

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Are you facing the issue of Water is Leaking Behind Refrigerator? No worries now as we have given here the solution on How to fix water leakage from behind of refrigerator easily and efficiently. Are you noticing water getting collected behind under the refrigerator. You open the fridge and see all the water coming from behind of refrigerator and coming out to the floor. You will then wonder which part of refrigerator is leaking water? Is it the water valve at the back of the refrigerator or is it the another water valve or something else. It is sometime very confusing to know the reason of Water is Leaking Behind Refrigerator. Lets look at the causes and solution.

    1. Due to Water supply line of Refrigerator.
      Water leakage at the back of the fridge sometimes are caused due to a damage water supply line. It can be loose or damage or pulled out of fridge due to some fault. Make sure that you carefully pull the fridge away from wall and pulling carelessly may pull the water supply line also. Now observe if the water supply line is in good condition or not. check for any damage like holes and cuts etc. Make sure that water supply line is secure and is at its position and has not been pulled out. If you see and damage, please replace it. If it is very loose then tighten it.

      refrigerator water line hose

      refrigerator water line hose


    2. Water Leakage due to Water shut off Valve.
      The water is located at the back of the refrigerator and may be sometimes it is also the leakage problem. Its main function is to supply water to the fridge and if it is loose, or damaged or clogged then you have to replace it to stop water leakage from back of the refrigerator. Before replacing it, please make sure to completely shut off the water supply and follow the instruction in the manual.
    3. Due to Water Inlet Valve.
      The water inlet valve is located at the lower back of the fridge where all the water pipe lines are fixed. If it is unfastened, faulty, damaged or clogged then you will face the problem of Water Is Leaking Behind Refrigerator. The Water inlet valve main purpose is to supply water to your fridge. If it is damaged or faulty then water line is disconnected and it will cause a leakage problem. So you have to replace it. Before replacing the water inlet valve, please make sure that power is off and water supply is also off. Yu can click on image to find out more.
    4. Due to Defrost Drain Line or Drain Hole located at Freezer.
      Please observe the defrost drain line or drain hole in refrigerator or freezer. Due to cold, sometimes the defrost drain line can freeze or become clogged. If this happens then water will not drain out and will be collected at the bottom of the fridge and cause an overflow. This overflow causes water leakage from back of the refrigerator. You can check the defrost drain line replacement here.
    5. Leakage due to Drain pan or Refrigerator Condensation Pan.
      If above solution does not work then the also make sure to check the Condensation pan or drain pan which is located at bottom of the fridge. It is a the very bottom of the refrigerator and its main function is to collect the water which drips. The heat which comes from refrigerator condense the water and convert it into the water vapor. If it is not cleaned then it may become dirty or become clogged. Which may cause water overflow which results in Water Is Leaking Behind Refrigerator. Please do check your refrigerator manual on steps on how to clean Refrigerator Condensation Pan and how to properly arrange refrigerator drain pan.
      Refrigerator Condensation Pan

We hope that above solution worked for you. Please make sure to check out more refrigerator solution and fixes. Do comment with your valuable suggestions and questions.


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