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[SOLVED] Toilet Won’t Stop Running After Flush – How to Fix

Here we have given solution for How to Fix Toilet Won’t Stop Running After Flush. You notice that even after flushing the toilet 5 minutes ago you still hear the toilet running. Most of the times you just jiggle the handle a little and it will fix the problem of toilet running. But many times… Read More »

[SOLVED] Washing Machine Using Cold Water When Set To Hot – How to Fix?

We have provided here the solution for Washing Machine Using Cold Water When Set To Hot.  You notice that your Washer Not Filling With Hot Water. You have experimented with all the heating setting, like trying with hot wash and warm wash but still you get washer does not fill with hot water. Now now need… Read More »

[SOLVED] How to Fix Water Is Leaking Behind Refrigerator

Are you facing the issue of Water is Leaking Behind Refrigerator? No worries now as we have given here the solution on How to fix water leakage from behind of refrigerator easily and efficiently. Are you noticing water getting collected behind under the refrigerator. You open the fridge and see all the water coming from… Read More »