How To Fix Samsung Dryer TE Error Code

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In this article we have listed the Cause and Solution for How To Fix Samsung Dryer TE Error Code.  So what does TE Error Code means? And how to fix and what parts to be checked and replaced? You can see the below solution. We have give the troubleshooting for Samsung Dryer TE Error Code. This guide will let you know how the Samsung dryer work and where all of its parted are located and its function.

What Does Samsung Dryer TE Error Code Means?

TE Error Code = Faulty Thermistor AKA = temperature sensor.

This means that Samsung dryer Thermistor is shorted out and it needs to be repaird or replaced. Due to shorted Thermistor it is unable to read the temperature.

How To Fix Samsung Dryer TE Error Code

  1. Please make sure that lint filter is clean in the dryer. A blocked lint filter is one of the main causes of Samsung Dryer TE Error Code. If it is blocked on unclean then clean it.
  2. Make sure that exhaust vent which is located at the back of the dryer, is not blocked or clogged.
  3. After making sure that exhaust vent and lint filter are not blocked or clogged and is properly cleaned, switch off the dryer and remove the power cable. Check the wiring connection from Thermistor to the control board and make sure that they are in good condition.
  4. if there are any bad, disconnected or loose wires then please replace them.
  5. If you see that wire connection is in good condition, then take a multimeter and check the resistance of Thermistor.
  6. Make sure that Thermistor Resistance is nearly 10k ohms.
  7. If resistance is less or off then please replace the Thermistor.
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Where is Samsung Dryer Thermistor is Located?

Thermistor is attached to the vent or motor areas which is usually below or at the back of the drum, In most of the Samsung models. Thermistor looks like a small plastic part which about the size of 1 inch. You will also see the two wires attached to the Thermistor. After locating it you need to replace the shorted Thermistor to fix the Samsung Dryer TE Error Code. This works with most of the models including DC32-00007A, DC47-00016A, DV210AEW/XAA, DV220AE, DV220AG.  Please see the Samsung service manual or watch the video below.


Samsung Dryer Thermistor Replacement video

We hope that above solution helped you in your dryer issues. Please do comment for any questions.

3 thoughts on “How To Fix Samsung Dryer TE Error Code

  1. Vince

    I have a samsung dryer the yields a “te” error whenever it is run with a damp load. I have cleared the vents and replaced the thermistor. The ventilation shows plenty of airflow but the dryer is still getting too hot. What would my next step be?

    1. Pat

      you need to be through in cleaning and checking your vents, to include removing front lower silver fan cover, to then remove white plastic hamster wheel fan center nut, to access removal of remaining fan housing, to expose visual inspection of the starting point of the hot air exhaust pipe that runs underneath the drum in which is the before and connected to the exterior pipe that leads outside. That’s where a mouse nest was my menace. Also check exterior pipe blockage visually, and to confirm a clear pipe from dryer to the outside, just remove it temporarily from behind the dryer for a couple of loads to see if TE error goes away. If err goes away you then have a clogged exit pipe, if not, your issue is still somewhere within the dryer. Also, re check thermistor you just replaced for 10k ohms with wires disconnected. If 10k ohms, look elsewhere. iF not near 10k ohms, then your new thermistor is bad too. if still looking for a solution after all that. Next ohm both thermistor wires from the thermistor to the control PCB while atleast one end of each wire is disconnected. Both wires need to be zero ohms. If not, fix or replace any open wires. Also check wire connections at the thermistor, and control PCB. Check for proper wall outlet voltage 120 volts + or – 10%. and proper third prong ground, < .5v. After all that above checks good, then lastly replace control PCB, for it doesn't know what to do with the thermistor signal. Don't forget to reinstall exhaust pipe.

      1. Pat

        Also, make sure you first unplug power cord before servicing to avoid electrical shock.


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