How To Block Out Light from Bedroom Window To Sleep Better?

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Here we have listed best methods to How to block light from Bedroom Window To Sleep Better. Sometimes we work late till late night and so we will sleep at day time. But the main issue we face while sleeping at day is that sunlight coming into my bedroom, which hit our eyes and makes us difficult to sleep. Another issue is that room gets hot due to sunlight and makes our sleep very uncomfortable. If you use drapes on bedroom window and want to know a method to block the light coming from sides, top, below or bottom of the drapes then we have given the answers here. Since drapes are bit transparent, So Sunlight also comes through the drapes and makes the room very brighter and makes our sleep difficult. So for resolving this issue, We have given methods on How to Block Out Light from Bedroom Window and also minimizing the heat caused by sunlight.

  1.  By Using Blackout Drapes or Curtains
    If you are using drapes or curtain that allows sunlight to come through them, then it will be a better idea to replace them from drapes which don’t. These drapes are extra thick which Block Out Light from Bedroom Window. It will block the sunlight from the window and hence making your room less bright and much cooler which will make your sleep good. Due to thickness, nature of fabric and color, these drapes will stop sunlight by blocking and absorbing the sunlight thereby making the room cooler. One more advantage is that these Blackout drapes are very easy to install and you can replace all your existing drapes with them easily and quickly. Another benefit is that they help in reducing the noise coming from outside. Just click on below image to learn more on this.
  2. By using Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Liners for Drapes – Just add this to your Existing Drapes
    Many common drapes allows the sunlight to come in thereby making room brighter. Sometimes it is costlier to replace the existing drapes, So if you do not want to replace your existing drapes then you can just simply add a blackout liner behind drapes. These Blackout curtain liner are thermal insulated and are thick enough to be able to block sunlight and you can attach it to any existing drapes very easily and quickly. The installation is simple, The curtain hook allows it to be attached to the drapes in a few simple steps and can be done in minutes. They also reduce outside noise and make your sleep pleasant.
  3. Use Window Tint Film
    A Tint window is very good To Block Out Light from Bedroom Window and helps you sleep better. It is one of the best way to make your window dark and you don’t need any drapes for it. You can apply this Tint Window Film to the inside of the window. It has the same effect as any tinted window and it will reduce the amount of sunlight passing thorough making room cooler and less bright.
  4. Use VELCRO Strips to Block Out Light from Bedroom Window  through sides of Drapes
    Even if you use the above solution, but still sometimes the sunlight will come through the sides of drapes. To prevent this, you can apply VELCRO strips on your drape on all sides and it will stop sunlight.
  5. By using Extra Bed Pillow to stop sunlight coming through bottom of Drapes.
    If you have an extra pillow, then you can put it at the bottom of the drapes to stop sunlight from coming through bottom. Just arrange the pillow side by side with each other and make it press against the wall near the bottom of the drapes. This will prevent sunlight coming through the window.
  6. By using Cardboard
    You can use card board or a vertical blind To Block Out Light from Bedroom Window by laying it on top of the drape or curtain. By using this method you can block sunlight and make your room less brighter which will helps you in sleeping without any disturbance.
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We hope that above solutions helped you To Block Out Light from Bedroom Window and hence help you To Sleep Better. Please do comment for any questions.


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