www.njuifile.net New Jersey Unemployment Claims and Benefits

File a claim at www.njuifile.net to get New Jersey Unemployment benefits or claim weekly benefit and payment. This claim can be applied via phone or by mail or by internet. If you are living in state of New Jersey , USA and you are unemployed or you have lost your job and have no means of any income then you can become eligible to apply for NJ Unemployment  benefit weekly payment. The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has this scheme to help unemployed person to pay for their bills till they get new job. They have made the filing of unemployment benefit claim in state of New Jersey very easy and quick and it can be filed via online by following very few steps.

How to apply for NJ unemployment insurance benefits

If you wish to file the NJ unemployment claim via the website www.njuifile.net, then you have to provide your driver license number or any non driver photo ID number because it is advisable to give these details as it will help you in processing of your claim application fast. Please make sure that you have filled the application completely and give all of your information correctly. If you face any issues while filing a claim or want to see whether you are eligible or not then please visit NJSuccess . NJ Success is also the go to website for updating your address, phone number, checking claim status, updating bank information etc.



  1. Your work experience details in last 18 months at the state of New Jersey.
  2. You have not worked on any federal goverment Jobs or not worked as a maritime employee or not  in a military in the past 18 months.
  3. A valid social security Number.
  4. If you don’t have social security number then you have to provide your Alien Registration Document.
  5. You also have to provide your all of your previous employer information in past 18 months.
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How to apply for unemployment in NJ at www.njuifile.net

  1. Go to website –> www.njuifile.net
  2. Now click on the link  “File or Reopen Your UI Claim”.
  3. To see if you are eligible for unemployment claim or not please Read the FAQ and now click on “File a Claim”.
  4. lease give your Unemployment Benefits Online ID and Password for login purpose and then click on continue.
  5. If you are a new user then first register and get your Online ID and password.
  6. Now follow all the instructions and fill all the details completely.

Apply Unemployment benefit by Phone.

  1. If you were  a member of federal government or military then claim must be applied through phone.
  2. Please call the Reemployment Call Center . You can call between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.mand lines are open from Monday to Friday excluding major holidays.

for www.njuifile.net weekly claim payment you must apply for weekly eligibility payment. you must file a bi-weekly certification for every wee you want to claim benefits for unemployment. You can apply between 7 AM to 6 PM on Monday to Friday. For more information about NJ unemployment insurance claim please visit this site.


18 thoughts on “www.njuifile.net New Jersey Unemployment Claims and Benefits

  1. lorraine smith

    i have tried for the entire week to reopen my account to apply for unemployment on line it says my password wrong and on phone it says all lines busy call later i need help thank you

  2. Roxanne Bickley

    I didn’t receive my last unemployment check (1/22/18 thru 1/27/18) and can not get an agent on the phone. Please help!

    1. william m kistler

      I reopened my claim on 12-20-2018 I have heard nothing and received nothing in mail. help

  3. Aurea garced

    I have been trying to do this application for over two weeks and haven’t been able get it done the numbers I’ve called can’t get threw u have no luck and I’m in desperate need of some type of money to eat please help me thank you have a blessed day.

  4. Marilou L. Salazar

    Im trying to claim my succeeding unemployment benefit but my password says wrong.I received already my first but not the succeeding benefits.What will I do? Is there any other easier phone to call.I did 1 number but long time to wait and I left my number but no response.Please I need your advice..Thanks for the help !!

  5. Robert Sellarole

    All comments are attempts to file correctly…..WITHOUT SUCCESS!!!!
    Is anyone getting the messages.

  6. Jackie Lentzsch

    Phone and internet down all day!!! How am I suppose to claim my earned benefits that are do me!!!!!

  7. Bernard Butler

    Please forward any information on procedures in applying for and following up on weekly claims via e-mail or phone messages(texts). I have just,hopefully, completed filing for benefits for weeks ending 12 Jan 19 , and 26 Jan 19.

  8. Dave Harold Jackson

    My Benefits run out in about 3 weeks is there any way to extend my benefits?

  9. Dave Harold Jackson

    My Benefits are scheduled to run out in about 3 weeks is there any way to extend them?

  10. Dalton R Miller

    I am still unemployed and actively searching for employment. Back in February I did work for a firm for two months but the job they offered was not the job I received. Is there any way that I can receive unemployment insurance for additional time. After contributing to unemployment in New jersey for many years I was hoping to receive additional help until I find employment. Thank you for help.

  11. linda paiva

    I want to cancel my unemployment my boss got a grant to pay us please cancel

  12. Jeffrey J Harkins

    I’m a Middle School Cook, I’ve been locked out/shut down . I have filed and nothing is happening, ( Pending ) is as far as I get when checking status………its been months now ???? I need to know my application is being processed and when I might see my automatic deposit

  13. David Leon

    I have tried for several days to complete my claim , told must speak with an agent , told all lines are busy call back next business day. this has happen several times can never get connected. Help help

    1. David Leon

      It is now June 14 and I’m still unable to get my claim taken care of. this going on since May 13 Need Help

  14. David Leon

    I tried to apply June21,2021 after several tries spoke with agent, was told a mistake was made and it would take six weeks to correct and i would be notified. It is now almost 9 weeks and still nothing.


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