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www.CorrLinks.com is a website which you can use it to communicate with your loved ones who are incarcerated in federal prison. CorrLinks Inmate Email is a safe, secure and fast way to contact via email with your incarcerated relatives, friends, loved ones or any person who are in prison, that too in a very simple and hassle free way. CorrLinks mobile version is also very easy to use and its app come both in iOS and android. You can also access its website from laptop or computer which is connected to internet.

How CorrLinks Inmate Email works

The Corrlinks Inmate Email service is the official inmate emailing system provided by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and it allows prisoners and inmates to get in contact with their friends and family in outside mail through sending and receiving email. Inmates are allowed to access prison computers to read , sent and access their email and corrlinks email  system help them to do it. It can be accessed from website www.CorrLinks.com . The messages sent and receive by prisoners are screen by prison security before processing the. Corrlinks Inmate Email is very fast and safe and it normally takes less than 2 hours for email sent by you to the time it is received by the inmate. Normally the usual process of waiting for a feedback letter from inmates which can take many days, you can use Corrlinks Inmate email system to get it done within hours. CorrLinks mobile version is also very easy to use.

Corrlinks looks and feels like the normal emailing system and can be used for sending and receiving emails. But it has some functionality which makes it unique and safe. You cannot attach any attachments in it or send any photos or videos. Inmates can only receive plain text which is limited to 13000 characters. Please note that it is 13k characters not 13k words. Also Inmates are allowed to communicate with a person who have approved their mal approval request. Normally you will be charged for using www.corrlinks.com for sending email but its cost is very low. It is free for people outside world but it is charged a small fee to the inmates for using them.

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CorrLinks Inmate Email

How to use CorrLinks Inmate Email?

Mandatory Requirements for using Email

  1. You should know the inmate number who you want to get in contact with.
  2. You should wait till your contact mail is approved by the inmate before you can use Corrlinks.
  3. If you are trying to contact with an inmate who is at subscribing state or country facility then you have to dund you account of CorrLinks email with any credit card mostly Master card or VISA.
  4. You should be over 18 years old.

How to Register at www.CorrLinks.com

  1. Did you recieve any invitation mail from any inmate you know? Then check it and read it and not down the inmate identification coden which will be in the email
  2. Go to www.CorrLinks.com . Link here .
  3. If you are using Corrlinks Inmate email for first time then go to Register then Go to “New Users: and click there. Or click here .
  4. Now give all the information in the blank fields like your first name, last name, email and then give your preferred password and give the inmate identification code.
  5. It may take upto 30 minutes to 1 hour till your request is approved.

How to use CorrLinks Email System for sending and receiving emails

  1. If you are a first time use then you need to register by following the above process.
  2. If you are a registered user then give your email and password to login
  3. Please add the inmate identification number to your address book to whom you want to contact.
  4. You can also add inmate identification code to get in with contact.
  5. All the process are same as normal mail. Just click on mail and compose new message for sending.
  6. You can see all the received mail in your Inbox.
  7. You can also go to “Account Management”, and then go to “Manage my inmate list” and the check mark the “Email Alert” for setting up the message alert. So whenever you receive any email you will get an alert.
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We hope that now all of your queries are answered. please visit our website for more help and support.

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