Verizon Financial Services phone number 866-266-1445

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Here you will find Verizon Financial Services phone number which will help you to contact Verizon Financial Customer service. you can also find here its official website, email support, help forums links, steps to live person at customer care , social media and other important contact information of Verizon Financial Services.

Verizon Financial Services phone number

1 866-266-1445

Website :

This service help you Transfer trading data, fast, safe and securely, has better security and help in automatcally adjusting computing resources.

if you have any issues on billing and payments, any banking needs, download charge or any issues you can call Verizon wireless Financial Services customer service number.

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9 thoughts on “Verizon Financial Services phone number 866-266-1445

  1. Thishilyn Moran

    What are the hours of operation for Verizon Wireless Financial Services

  2. What

    Watch when u call that number u will get a customer service person 2ho will not tell u. They are all programed to say the exact thing. Called 3 times each said the same exact words like robots. It was wild unbelievable they can’t even talk 4 themselves r programed what to say verbatim. Sad. As soon as answer tell them u want to talk to financial services only you will see how quick ur hung up on. 3 times 4 that also. What a sad company

  3. Chichi

    Verizon sucks! They are too big that the left does not know what the right is doing. A ticket no is responded to in 72 hours so your business is on hold! Their so called business enterprise and their reps are jokes. They deny their ticket nos and VERY USELESS. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD BREAK THIS VERIZON UP! I am so frustrated with this company. Their customer service and technical support reps are robots! Once the protocol list is exhausted they give a number. I hate this company with a passion.

  4. Teresa Gribbins

    My bill was paid twice because I was given two different amounts to pay and I’m homeless with no income due to Covid and subsequent infections and severe disability caused from it, living in a hotel with no income and can’t dial numbers at all outside the area code I’m in. I’ve been locked out of my account, have no phone service and my phone has been off a week now after bill was paid. Knowing I can’t call Verizon tells me at their store I have to wait another day and call here with no way to make calls. I’m calling an attorney today that is handling my disability and financial services and making a report to consumer affairs. I’m sick and can’t even use my phone to receive medical appointments or get help from family or friends. You have caused more damage to the huge surgical wound in my back and a severe decline in my health and charged me money for services I don’t have

    1. Fiona Anderson

      That’s funny. I just told them the other day they were violating ADA

  5. Sharon Legg

    My phone bill under is paid yet I’m still getting calls for payment. What’s up?

  6. Sandra Siino

    Same here! I mailed out my payment feb 1st along with all my other payments…Verizon was the only one not cashed…so, now I have 2 payments I’ve made…not to mention a very RUDE agent…


    I’ve been dealing with you guys since the 12th of last month you owe me $152.33 still haven’t put it in my account I called today Saturday the 15th and another guy answered and said well you got $57 credit and this and that no I got $152.33 please send me that damn money put it back in my account okay I’m done with this b******* if you don’t take care of it I will definitely get a lawyer and I will be getting a lot more than you think okay I’m done with this crap so get somebody that knows what they’re doing to send me my money back


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