Uber Seattle contact number, Rates and Reviews

Uber is an American international Multi Billion Transportation Company. You can find Uber Seattle contact number, phone number,  Uber fares and User Reviews

Uber allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.Uber now operates in more than 300 cities.

Uber Cab/Car/Taxi service is available in  Seattle and it covers most of Seattle city. It is reliable and easy to use. You can just install the uber app in your android or iphone or windows phone and then book a taxi from your location in Seattle. You can request UberX, UberXL, Uber black car, and Uber SUV . Uber fares depends on the taxi you choose , the distance , time and traffic. So it may vary time to time. Uber Seattle also provide a uber estimate report on the fares and rates. Just install their app and start using it.

Uber customer service number Seattle

Uber is mainly app based and most of the time you can contact them using the uber app. You can also call below numbers.

uber customer service phone number  :     1-866-576-1039

uber customer Support Number :               1-866-576-1039

Corporate Phone:                                           1-415-986-2104

Corporate Fax:                                                 1-877-223-8023

Uber Seattle Email address – support@uber.com

Uber Seattle website – https://www.uber.com/cities/seattle

Uber support/help –   www.help.uber.com/

Availability hours – 24/7

Uber Corporate Office Address
Uber Technologies, Inc.
182 Howard Street Suite 8
San Francisco, CA 94105 USA

How to download Uber app

For iOS iphone Devices, go to below link and install


For Android Phones


For Window Phones

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Contact Uber Seattle on Facebook – www.facebook.com/uber

Uber Twitter – www.twitter.com/uber

Find UberX, UberXL, UberSELECT, UberBLACK, UberSUV, UberLUX Latest fares for Seattle from uber app.

Please give your rating and reviews for uber Seattle.

14 thoughts on “Uber Seattle contact number, Rates and Reviews

  1. Hari

    Uber team, I need help for going to Seattle airport on Nevember 30th – Monday at 7 pm. Please response me. Hari

  2. Danielle

    Not sure how this works. I need to talk to somebody about getting my mom a ride from her home to group health in Everett Washington. Please let me know asap how I can speak with somebody. I only can see that I’m able to sign up for an account with my name and with my credit card and it’s confusing. Please get back to me ASAP thank you Danielle

  3. natalie

    Those 866 phone numbers do not work there is no way to contact your supposed customer service customer care department….go figure

  4. Valerie Candelaria

    I need help.. Please email me as soon as possible

  5. Gale Schramm

    How do I call an Uber X cyb in Seattle, if I cannot use the Uber App.

  6. Erica

    I had a reservation with a town car company. My driver contacted me and described the vehicle (black town car) and said he would meet me at a specific place. 3 minutes later, a black town car pulled up. I asked if he was “name”, and he said “yes”. When we got onto the freeway, he asked me “what is your name?” – MY company had my name and destination. I said he should know that already, and he informed me that he was an Uber driver, NOT my hired driver.
    I am being billed by the company that I booked with and have to pay a driver that lied to get my business. On top of all this, his rates were MUCH higher than the rate I payed for my reserved car. I think this is theft and misrepresentation. This is unsafe and now I am concerned that other Uber drivers are taking advantage of other out of town travelers.

  7. thomas kim

    I am interested in getting my vehicle inspected so i can strt working for the lllll

  8. Ray

    I want to talk to a freaking human when I have an issue.. I was trying to book a ride and could not figure out your website to do so. I WAS a loyal Uber user but I now have my doubts. We are not all young people living in our parents basements. Very poor customer service

  9. Phuck Hue

    This seems sketchy…numbers don’t work. I feel as though they don’t have an interest in real customer service. If they did, they would have an active call center.

  10. Merle Myhre

    can’t reach anyone by phone, don’t have a working cell. Need a ride to doctors office on 1/31/17 because I broke ny back. Please email or call me asap. thank you

  11. Matou Goodwin

    I left my reading glasses in an uber car I took on February 14 to seatac airport. After several calls to the driver he finally informed us that he left the green case with my glasses at the Seattle office. Called the office phone number it rang rang rang rang…. Absolutely no customer service. Let’s see if I get an answer…..

  12. Matou Goodwin

    Looks like no one is getting an answer… Really?????


    I am a Uber Driver. When I check in MY DOCUMENS on my Uber on my Iphone, I see that I need to submit:


    I really do not know what it is.

    Please call me at 206-375-7537 or email me at : dungtran987@yahoo.com

    so that I can submit what Uber request.

    Thank you.


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