Uber Los Angeles contact number, Rates and Reviews

Uber is an American international Multi Billion Transportation Company. You can find Uber Los Angeles contact number, Uber fares and User Reviews

Uber allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.Uber now operates in more than 300 cities.

Uber Cab/Car/Taxi service is available in  Los Angeles and it covers most of los Angeles city. It is reliable and easy to use. You can just install the uber app in your android or iphone or windows phone and then book a taxi from your location in los angeles. You can request UberX, UberXL, Uber black car, and Uber SUV . Uber fares depends on the taxi you choose , the distance , time and traffic. So it may vary time to time. Uber Los angeles also provide a uber estimate report on the fares and rates. Just install their app and start using it.

Uber customer service number Los angeles

Uber is mainly app based and most of the time you can contact them using the uber app. You can also call below numbers.

uber customer service phone number  :     1-866-576-1039

uber customer Support Number :               1-866-576-1039

Corporate Phone:                                           1-415-986-2104

Corporate Fax:                                                 1-877-223-8023

Uber Los Angeles Email address – support@uber.com

Uber Los Angeles website – www.uber.com/cities/los-angeles

Uber support/help –   www.help.uber.com/

Availability hours – 24/7

Uber Corporate Office Address
Uber Technologies, Inc.
182 Howard Street Suite 8
San Francisco, CA 94105 USA

How to download Uber app

For iOS iphone Devices, go to below link and install

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For Android Phones


For Window Phones


Contact Uber los angeles on Facebook – www.facebook.com/uber

Uber Twitter – www.twitter.com/uber

Find UberX, UberXL, UberSELECT, UberBLACK, UberSUV, UberLUX Latest fares for los angeles from uber app.

Please give your rating and reviews for uber los angeles.



19 thoughts on “Uber Los Angeles contact number, Rates and Reviews

  1. Detective Mike Sargent

    I am conducting an investigation in relation to report number 15-7220 and need to obtain contact information for an UBER driver who was a witness. Can you please provide me a direct email address, phone number and address to the proper person who can assist me. My call back number is 310-217-9639. Gardena Police Department. 1718 W 162nd Street Gardena, CA 90247.

  2. Denyse solomon

    I have 54 recent charges for Uber technologies taken out of my checking account I have never used it before could someone please contact me ASAP at 586-899-4834 or email me at MYS I E 56@yahoo.com thank you I desperately need your help

  3. I bree

    I have a new idea can help you , and as I know that your company start and going by smart ideas , please send me an email to smartideahere@gmail.com this idea can change the transportation scale to uber side and make the company be legal everywhere

  4. Paulo

    I worked the graveyard shift on Fri Jan 29th into the 30th and again the 30th into the 31st.
    The Uber app kept crashing but I still managed to take my clients to their destination.
    Now more than 10 trips are showing as cancelled and therefore Uber is not paying me for them.
    I’ve been trying to contact Uber, and for the first time in my life, encountered that this huge company
    has no customer service, phone number or human being with whom to discuss these types of problems
    I’ve had to deal with Uber Support which has done nothing whatsoever to assist me!!
    Out of over 25 completed trips, I’m getting paid for 15 and there seems to be next to nothing I can about it!!

  5. E lottor

    I would like to know the cost for Uber for pickup at LAX to Oxnard , Ca. 2 people probably after 8 or 9 p.m.
    Date undetermined probably toward the end of February

  6. Be aware

    Uber picked up my teenage daughter and 3 friends on 2/15/16 on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA (425 Broadway) and drove them to the area called “Beverlywood”, in Los Angeles, zip code 90034. The receipt says the distance is 18.94 miles and the charge was $38.58. No surge charge, only $1 for splitting the fee.
    If you go to mapquest or google maps, the distance between the 2 addresses is between 7.3 and 7.9 miles, depending on which route the driver took. Which route did he take to have 18.94 miles on the receipt? the actual distance is less than half of what is written on the receipt. What a sham!!! CUSTOMERS BEWARE! !!!

  7. Disappointed Jay

    This huge company has NO customer support. Somehow, when I signed up for an account the system entered a totally incorrect credit card number for me. I’ve tried for days to contact them by phone or E-mail with absolutely no response. How can they have so little care for their customers? BEWARE!!!

  8. Rick Garcia

    Trying to deal with Uber via e-mail for clearing up fraudulent charges against my credit card (a credit card number not even registered or personally ever used with Uber) is like trying to work on a financial issue over a western union telegraph. Responses take hours and sometimes go from one day to the next. E-mail is not always the most efficient way, it’s certainly the most lazy way!

  9. Mark

    You mailed me a drive with uber letter. Uber is shit. You need to take me off your mailing list now and seriously go fuck yourselves. Please contact me at my email address so I can send you the info and again, go fuck yourself.

  10. Vishia Tolcidas

    I need to get a refund of an Uber pool trip I cancelled on Friday evening, May 20. Just a few minutes of riding Uber, the driver complained about his broken phone app and I had to cancel. Why would he continue to drive when his phone app needs repair? My trip was from 5:58pm to 6:04pm and it is not even one mile of riding the car but Uber charged $15.33. Driver Gabriel, were you sure you cancelled that trip? If you did as you said you will, why is it charging this much? In my Uber receipt, it indicated that I arrived at 6:41pm to my destination when I haven’t. What’s going on? Can Uber please please please address this problem? I trust that you will.

  11. Justin

    Luke sky walker is the best uber driver ever I refuse to ride with anyone else love you luke.. from Justin an molly thanks for your help an the red rolling bag your a great man an deserve all the customer in Los Angeles. ..

  12. Rebecca

    My daughter 18yrs old called uber and the driver started asking where all the Halloween parties are at. Then he took them to a strip club to pick up more people my daughter was so scared. What the heck. I am very upset. Can’t trust uber driver now!!!

  13. Iris Gorelik

    Uber charged me over 2000 dollars in the last month! My credit card statements show bills of 200, 300, 400, even 800 at once! Who takes rides of 800 dollars anyways?? Please contact me ASAP

  14. Dennis OMeara

    Please have someone contact me. There are charges to my checking account that are not authorized by me. Please contact me at 626 252 5590. MY next step is to call the police and charge fraud.

  15. Jay

    Got uber for a 3 minute ride home few days later got hit with a cleaning fee charge ur drivers are so fake making false claims who do you guys hire!this is BS

  16. Crystan

    This is ridiculous that we cannot contact a support system . I had a terrible experience for the first time with an Uber driver today. It’ll be very hard to describe what happened in the letter. And attach my name to it because the driver actually scared me. And I don’t really want it in writing , so that something could happen , because the drivers where you live .

  17. Mel

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