Uber Kansas City contact number, Rates and Reviews

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Uber is an American international Multi Billion Transportation Company. You can find Uber Kansas City contact number, phone number,  Uber fares and User Reviews

Uber allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.Uber now operates in more than 300 cities.

Uber Cab/Car/Taxi service is available in  Kansas City and it covers most of Kansas City city. It is reliable and easy to use. You can just install the uber app in your android or iphone or windows phone and then book a taxi from your location in Kansas City. You can request UberX, UberXL, Uber black car, and Uber SUV . Uber fares depends on the taxi you choose , the distance , time and traffic. So it may vary time to time. Uber Kansas City also provide a uber estimate report on the fares and rates. Just install their app and start using it.

Uber customer service number Kansas City

Uber is mainly app based and most of the time you can contact them using the uber app. You can also call below numbers.

uber customer service phone number  :     1-866-576-1039

uber customer Support Number :               1-866-576-1039

Corporate Phone:                                           1-415-986-2104

Corporate Fax:                                                 1-877-223-8023

Uber Kansas City Email address – support@uber.com

Uber Kansas City website – https://www.uber.com/cities/Kansas City

Uber support/help –   www.help.uber.com/

Availability hours – 24/7

Uber Corporate Office Address
Uber Technologies, Inc.
182 Howard Street Suite 8
San Francisco, CA 94105 USA

How to download Uber app

For iOS iphone Devices, go to below link and install

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For Android Phones


For Window Phones


Contact Uber Kansas City on Facebook – www.facebook.com/uber

Uber Twitter – www.twitter.com/uber

Find UberX, UberXL, UberSELECT, UberBLACK, UberSUV, UberLUX Latest fares for Kansas City from uber app.

Please give your rating and reviews for uber Kansas City.



9 thoughts on “Uber Kansas City contact number, Rates and Reviews

  1. shariyun ford

    I set up an account, but each credit card I used said it was invalid, I know the cards are good. what do I do

  2. Brian Ramsey

    My name is Brian Ramsey Commercial Fleet Manager for Fenton Nissan in Kansas City. I have tried several times to contact the manager for Uber in Kansas City and never have gotten a response from them. As Nissan has a great program for Uber drivers we would like to be the contact in KC for Uber. We have 3 stores in the KC metro area to serve the Uber driver needs and help them with vehicle needs. As Nissan has gone to great lengths to set up programs for Uber it would be to the benfit of the local manager or regional manager to contact me to set up a working relationshp to help your local office and local drivers…I can be contacted at 816-600-4000/3117 or by cell 816-529-6572. My email is brian.ramsey@fentonmotors.com. I look forward to helping your local office and its drivers with their vehicle needs.
    Brian Ramsey
    Commercial Fleet Manager
    Fenton Nissan of Lee’s Summit (Kansas City)
    816 600 4000/3117

  3. Grace Mixon

    This is my first time with Uber, I need a ride from work tonight, however I find it quite difficult to obtain the way to use your service. Could someone please give me a call at 816-728-5528? Thank you so much.

  4. M.E. Bryan

    I need to contact someone at Uber for a character and employment reference. How do I go about doing that? Thank you

  5. Dominick Hoagland

    To whom it may concern, my name is Dominick Hoagland. I have been attempting to become a driver with Uber using the online website via the sign-up process and registration forms, etc. I have currently already signed up and made a profile, I have submitted my personal information as well as submitted both my driver’s license photos and photo of my current insurance information. However, I am having difficulties due to a possible error on the sign up process. The Uber sign-up process will not allow me to continue the process. A dialog window box pops up on the screen that says: “We can’t accept your proof of insurance because your name is missing.” The reason why my name is missing on the photo of my insurance is because it is my wife’s name. The insurance policy is under both of our names, her name just so happens to be the one on the paperwork. However, I read the fine print on the Uber requirements for insurance paperwork and the website states that the insurance for the vehicle does NOT have to have your name so long as the vehicle is insured….or if the insurance is under your spouse’s name. Both conditions apply to me. I would love assistance with the sign up process and I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for the help. My cell number is: 816-401-3747.

    Thank you!

  6. Sandra Barnes

    A ride to work is needed on a Friday morning around 6:30am. Is it pretty easy to get an uber ride at this time?

  7. Janet Bearley

    I have been trying to contact Uber to start a ride program in Kansas City, MO but I’m having trouble getting through on the Uber app on my phone. Would someone from the Kansas City Uber please call me today, 8/31/2018 @727-488-0393? I need to start getting rides to work this weekend.

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