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Are you searching for Sunpass phone number . Listed here is the 1800 toll free number of Sunpass customer service along with its official website,supoort email, postal address and all other important contact information of Sunpass.

About Sunpass

State of Florida, USa, uses a system called electronic toll collection which is Known as SunPass. Florida Department of Transportation’s Florida’s Turnpike was the original creator of SunPass. It uses various transponders like Amtech active RFID which is manufactured by TransCore and also uses many lane equipment which are designed by many companies such as Raytheon, Transcore and SAIC.

SunPass is an electronic toll collection system in use by the State of Florida and was originally created by the Florida Department of Transportation’s Florida’s Turnpike. The system uses Amtech active RFID windshield-mounted transponders manufactured by TransCore along with lane equipment designed by several companies including SAIC, TransCore, and Raytheon, E-Pass (Central Florida Expressway Authority) , LeeWay (Lee County toll bridges) , Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) and O-pass (Osceola County) toll roads are fully inter operable with SunPass.

It was introduced in the year 1999 and is very cheap and reliable as compared to payment by cash. The Toll is automatically deducted from account of vehicle owner. SunPass offers two types of accounts which is SunPass Personal and Commercial Accounts. you can open or ask any questions related to these accounts by calling or mailing to the customer service.

SunPass Phone Number


Official Website :

Sunpass Postal Address
4501 54th Avenue South, Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States.

If you face any issues on opening SunPass account, toll free charges, billing and payments, cancellation, dispute or any other issues you call customer service phone number of Sunpass and get help from them.

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