My Family Mobile Customer Service Phone Number

My Family Mobile Customer Service Phone Number, Email and Contacts Toll Free. You can find My Family Mobile, website, Toll free and 1-800 customer support phone numbers for the My Family Mobile, including phone menu transcriptions. Contact them now for any inquiries,Suggestion, support or complaint.

My Family Mobile Customer Service Contact Number : 1-877-440-9758

Availability : 4:00 am to 10:00 pm Pacific Time, seven days a week all year.

TTY service : 1-877-428-9020

pay your bill online : call 611

Official Website :

  • Account balance: type #BAL#
  • Minutes used in the current billing cycle: type #MIN#
  • Messages used in the current billing cycle: type #MSG#
  • Amount available in your WebPak: type #999#
  • To get your Family Mobile phone number: type #686#

Family Mobile Customer Relations Address

P.O. Box 3220

Albuquerque, NM 87190

We hope this will help you in resolving your any questions or complaints.

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14 thoughts on “My Family Mobile Customer Service Phone Number

  1. Sherry stratton

    I haven’t been able to view my current usage detail.. 3 weeks now. I’ve called several times and all they say is there working on it

  2. Michelle schulze

    I can not text or call out and my phone number is an old tmobile number. I do not know how to fix this problem and I desperately need my number back! It was 6028842043, now it says 4438894924 and that I have no network coverage

  3. Freedom sunn

    Hi my name is freedom sunn I had spoke with one of the representative yesterday about my account and he told me that I had five line in open and which I only open four line open when we joined my family mobile and the other line I never had on my account and I’m not going to pay for the extra line that was put on to my account now my bill is so high because the other line on my account I’m not going to pay the bill

  4. Nancy Smith

    I always have problems with the Internet and my bill is way higher than what they say. They are a rip off they charge you more than your plan says. It says to add another line is $20.00 they charge me $45 for another line not $20.

    1. jeff

      My sim card lock family mobile needs my 4digit pin don’t remember only I can get my unlock codes

  5. Angela

    I sent my cell phone in over 3 weeks ago and still have not received a new phone . Tried to call can’t get through to anyone . Please contact me . Home phone number 352 437-5449 . Cellar number 8134694991

  6. Meanie moe

    I paid 2yrs insurance when I bought phone….my screen is shattered….how do I go about getting another phone or fixing this one?

  7. TJones

    I just paid my bill on the 17th of last month and now I received a call saying my bill has been past due since the 3rd

  8. Carolyn.holbert

    I must have hit the wrong clear cache. I can’t get phone to ring in .plus all my galley is empty and can’t take pictures to put in galley.


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