How much does it cost to replace a windshield

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How much to replace windshield?

cost of replacing a windshield depends on many factors and it will vary area to area.It is not a fixed amount and will depend on type of repair, size, type , the auto service you use and many other factors. It may range from few dollars to many hundreds dollars based on nature of damage. how much does it cost to fix a cracked windshield? Well it may depend on damage and many other factors. Let discuss each in details.

Windshield Repair or Replacement?

On an average repairing the damage is the best option. Its cost less, less time consuming and longer lifespan. But if the severity of damage is very bad then the replacement is the good depends on your vehicle car, truck etc.

 When to go for Repair?

  • The crack or damage can be repaired within few dollars.
  • You have three chips or less
  • Damage on edge of the windshield is always costlier and sometimes it is better to replace it.
  • If the crack is not in your line of sight

Windshield Replacement Cost Factors.

  • SIZE – If your vehicle is big then you will be using more glass and hence the cost of windshield will increase.
  • Type of Materials – In more sophisticated vechicles which uses sensors, hydrophobic coating, antenna mouldings , integrated mirror attachment, heated glass, smart wheather app and many more advanced technological will result in higher replacement cost.
  • Location – It also play a major role in determining cost. The cost of living changes area to area and so does the cost of other things. And farther the location is from the brands distributors more the price will be.
  • Type of Vehicle- Some Vechiles have very complicated design and it is very difficult to repair. Only few high skill technicians with proper equipment can work on these parts, which will increase the labor cost.
  • ‘OEM’ or an ‘Aftermarket’ windshield – third party aftermarket will cost less but the quality will be poorer and in long run it may cost you way more than it should.
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 Average Cost Of Windshield Replacement

By and large, on a normal, the cost ranges from $20 to $325, for repair or replacement of the windshield. This price not only depends on the extent of damage or crack but also depends on the factors listed above like type , size, sort of the glass you pick, sort of vehicle and the the auto service you choose.

Front windshield replacement cost

The replacement prices will vary based on front or back windshield replacement. Usually the front windshield replacement costs more than the back windshields replacement costs. Usually the front one cost 300  or more dollars.

Average Windsheild Cost by Vehicle Type

  • Minivan – $174 to $294
  • Passenger Vehicle – $157 to $324
  • Pickup Truck – $164 to $310
  • Sports Utility – $164 to $290

If the crack is more than 24 inches then it is better to go for replacement then repair. Costs for windshield replacement may depends on the type of vehicle and type of glass and other technological features implemented on it. Some vehicles have special moldings , Therefore, the glass you repair also needs special molding to match the structural design which will result in higher cost. And adding a Wiper will cost additional cost and will increase the total price by nearly 20-25%.

Back Windshield Replacement Cost

People usually ignore the back windshields but back windshields replacement is also very important. It helps you in protecting the passengers sitting in the back. It stops strong wind , rain , dust particles from entering the vehicle and keeping the journey safe and secure. It costs less than the front windshield replacement as it uses less technology features and also it doesnot uses wiper which helps in decreasing the cost. Therefore, repairing or replacing of back windshield is also very important. Costs usually depends on type of glass material used, glass company, type of the vehicle, auto service, glass quality, technician skill, location, and severity of the damage. It may cost from 100 to many 100 dollars based on above factors.

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Replacement Cost For Various Models

Replacement of windshield varies for various models, The replacement cost is divided into three sections:

  • Labor –  includes uninstalling of rearview mirrors and their attachments, removal and disposal of present windshield glass, installation of new windshield glass, installing back rearview mirrors and their attachments, water test and cleaning.
  • Parts – it includes new windshield , primer and adeshive
  • Disposal fees – proper handling of products

Affordable Windshield Replacement

how much does it cost to replace a car window ? Can it be low cost? Yes, It can be achieved when the services and products are given at cheap affordable prices. Many auto services offer cheaper and same or better services than others. You must look at the reviews of these services and product and choose the best one.

Cost of Windshield Repair and Replacement: Pay With Insurance

Insurance company usually fully pay for windshield repair but for replacement you may need to spend few bucks from your pocket. This will usually be covered by your insurance company, though some costs may need to be paid by the policyholder like any deductible.


Windshield replacement cost will vary on various factors. You must do a proper research before choosing a Proper product and services. Its very important and you should never compromise quality for cost. A good windshield will cost less in longer run. It provides you safety and a little negligence can cost your life. You can get all the best windshield quotes from the internet and choose the best option. You can also call on the number given in the websites to get quotes and details in advance.

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This article has covered all aspects of choosing and replacing the front, back and window windshields. You can use the tips given and choose the best services and products.

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