Mississippi Eppicard Customer Service Phone Number

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Mississippi Eppicard Customer Service Phone Number. Mississippi Eppicard Customer Service Phone Number.Mississippi Eppicard Customer Service Phone Number, Email and Contacts Toll Free. You can find Mississippi Eppicard email, website, Toll free and 1-800 customer support phone numbers for the Mississippi Eppicard , including phone menu transcriptions. Contact them now for any inquiries,Suggestion, support or complaint.

For all questions related to the status of a cash benefit or payment, including when a deposit will be made to your account, cardholders should contact the:

Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS):

    • For Economic Assistance (EA) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), TANF Supportive Service or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment & Training (E&T) Cardholders, contact your local MDHS EA County Office;
    • For Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Cardholders, contact your local MDHS CSE County Office; or
    • For Family & Children’s Services (F&CS) Adoption Subsidy and Foster Care Cardholders, contact your local MDHS F&CS County Office.

Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES):

  • For In-State Unemployment Insurance (UI) Cardholders, contact your local MDES WIN Job Center; or
  • For Out-of-State UI Cardholders, contact the MDES Interstate Claims Office.

For all questions related to the Mississippi EPPICard™ debit card, cardholders should call the Mississippi EPPICard™ Customer Service at: 1-866-461-4095 (toll free);International Calls: 1-801-352-3274; TTY Calls: 1-877-906-0085. The Customer Service Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle calls related to:

  • Reporting lost or stolen cards;
  • Balance Inquiries;
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) changes;
  • Transaction history requests;
  • Registering a complaint about a card issue;
  • Questions about card usage; and
  • Questions about international card usage.

Mississippi Eppicard Website
The Website of Mississippi Eppicard is www.eppicard.com.

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Mississippi Eppicard Customer Support Service Phone Number
The customer support phone number of Mississippi Eppicard is 1-866-461-4095.

5 thoughts on “Mississippi Eppicard Customer Service Phone Number

  1. Ben Massengill

    I have called with NO help what so ever. Three weeks ago a ATM malfunctioned and my card was shredded. I called the number and after 4 hours I finally got a live person. I told her what had transpired and I needed a replacement card to access the money that was in my account. I asked if there was anyway that the money could be transferred to my bank account and was told no. She went on to tell me that one was sent out already because mine was about to expire. Ok two weeks later no card still and no way to access my unemployment insurance money. So I called back to be put on hold for an hour, then transferred and put on hold another 45 minutes. Finally I get someone on line. I ask them if they could look to see where the card was and the inform me that it was sent out the fist of the month…two weeks prior to the ATM taking my card. So the guys goes on to tell me that if I haven’t gotten the card that they would send another out. I asked about transferring tha money to my bank account, and was told no it can’t be done. So the next day..a Saturday, the mail runs and guess what?? It’s my card. Two weeks late. So I call the # on the card and it says it’s wrong. I call the number again and wait another 2 hours for o speak with a person. I tell them the situation and the card came in the mail..finally, but with again no help and just salt on a open wound. They informed me that this new card I received was no good anymore and they would send another out. Now another week has passed still with no way to access my account or transfer funds to my bank account. Bills are now past due, and a chance that I could loose my care or possibly get evicted. I am a single father with custody of my son. I have returned to work in the meantime, but without a check yet. I have scrapped up change for us to eat, to put gas in my care to start my new job and to get to and from work, and even borrowed money to help with some bills. My son’s birthday fell during all this and I couldn’t give him Anything!!! We are on the brink of loosing our home, my only vehicle and not to mention not having money to eat. This is totally unacceptable. Unemployment claims are insurance to help pay bills when something comes up that a job has ended to help until another job opens up to us isn’t it??? This system is a failure to me. Why can I not transfer funds out of that stupid account that unemployment uses to my bank account if I need it to pay bills and the card isn’t in my possession? Very disappointed and frustrated!!!

  2. Tammy Hendon mayatt mills

    I had a message my stimulus card was activated.
    I have not received any card and was not aware of till I received the message please here cc isn’t phone 6016865454 my phone numbernumber it had a phone number that I was using of my brother 6017818196

  3. Tammy Hendon mayatt mills

    I received a message from from crome and it said my stimulus card had been activated I have not seen any card for any kind of benefits Tammy Hendon mayatt mills 6016865454

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