[FIXED] KitchenAid Refrigerator Beeping and Displays Error Code PO

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We have given here solution for KitchenAid Refrigerator Beeping and Displays Error Code PO. The Display Panel of KitchenAid Refrigerator shows Error Code PO. When you press the CONFIRM button which is on display panel, The beeping of refrigerator stops and Error Code PO is reset and all looks fine. But after few minutes the KitchenAid Refrigerator Beeping again starts. Also you notice that the lights on deli drawer are off and are not working. This issue happens in many models of KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator such as KRMF706EBS or KFIV29PCMS. You are confused why this is happening and what can cause this and how to fix it. Now no worries as we have given the causes and troubleshooting steps below.

Before you start any troubleshooting ore replacing the parts of the Fridge, Please try to RESET the Error by switching off the KitchenAid Refrigerator for nearly 10 minutes. It sometimes reset the control board and resolve the problem. If it didn’t resolve issue then please check below instructions.

The KitchenAid Refrigerator beeping and displaying Error Code PO can be fixed by doing the testing and troubleshooting as given here.

First before starting make sure that that power is disconnected to avoid any electric shock and to protect the control board from any damages when doing troubleshooting.

PO  Error Code Fix
Replace the Control Board
Replace the Power Supply Board

They are the 2 main parts which causes the Error PO, So we suggest you to first test them and if found faulty then replace them.

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Please Note that It is also possible that Pantry drawer is open in KitchenAid Refrigerator. Please try to shut down the Pantry Drawer. If Pantry Drawer is closed but still no LED light is illuminating then it might be due to the UI, Then you have to replace the Control Board for that part number.

Control Board Amazon

KitchenAid Refrigerator Beeping and Displays Error Code PO

You have replaced the Control Board, But still facing the issue of KitchenAid Refrigerator Beeping and Displays Error Code PO, then replacing the Power Supply Board may solve the issue.
When you press the CONFIRM button you notice that it works for 10 minutes or so and then you hear a clicking sound, after which the KitchenAid Refrigerator may switch off and then switch ON again. This cycle will repeat again and again non stop. By Replacing the Control Board or Power Supply Board can Fix this Problem.

KitchenAid Refrigerator Beeping and Displays Error Code PO Video

Please buy the Control Board or Power Supply Board for the specific KichenAid Refrigerator Model for correct replacement. Please do comment for any issues of Refrigerator or for giving any suggestion.

7 thoughts on “[FIXED] KitchenAid Refrigerator Beeping and Displays Error Code PO

  1. Ajay Taneja

    I replaced the control board – the part number for KFIS29pbms00 is kit that includes control board and User interface. It did not WORK – wish someone would post logic why something is not working vs just change this board and that board – for example Why is refrigerator displaying “Power Outage” when there has been NO PO – what is mechanism – i almost feel like manufacturer are pushing changing board costing 200-300 dollars – to increase sales…you suggested chaining the 2 board – WHY ? what is purpose of each – this just costed me wasteful expense –

  2. John Bartholomew

    The internet is loaded with bad advice. The only way to diagnose a problem accurately is testing individual components on an appliance. If you don’t know how to do this yourself, the best bet is to call a reputable repair service. Friends, co-workers and property management companies are the best sources of referrals. The online directories just list people who pay to be there and are not necessarily competent or honest.

  3. James

    The PO code shows repeatedly because the control board itself is restarting itself continuously. Something is causing the board to reboot, which could be the board itself or something connected to the board. In my case, it was the freezer evaporator fan. You can test a LOT of things with NO disassembly and NO tools by getting the tech sheet for your model and putting your refrigerator in diagnostic mode.

    When I used diagnostic mode to run the freezer evap fan, the whole system restarted itself again, so I knew to change the fan out.

    I posted this information on Appliance Blog forum, which is the first Google hit that recommends unconditionally to buy a new control board to resolve the PO code, and Jake the shady admin on that site DELETED my comment and my account and then LOCKED the thread so people will continue to be misled. Complete scumbag.

    Hopefully people dig a little further and find this comment before getting ripped off on an expensive, non-refundable part.

    1. Cheryle

      December 17, 2021. Hello, our approximately 2017 kitchen aid refrigerator 5 door was unplugged by me. It was making noise so I cleaned dog hair out from around it and on the bottom front coils. Plugged it in and got the po code. Reset the code and 10 min later came on again. As the fridge would cycle it started ticking loud for an hour or so then stop for a while and then restart again. This went on for a couple of days before technician could come out. Called technician, he diagnosed it as the freezer thermistor needs to be replaced. He ordered the part. He cleared the p.o. code and said if it comes back on we need to replace both boards because he will not be able to tell which one is not working properly. It this the case. Or are they just trying to make more money.

  4. Justin H

    Hi James,
    I’m having the same problems with the exact same symptoms

    I’ve replace both the power control board and the larger control board. Still having the same problem.

    Is there I diagnostic manual somewhere? Kitchen aids website sucks…

    Thanks for the help

    1. James

      Justin, sorry for your bad luck. You can email me at ninjajim4 at hotmail and I can walk you through some steps. If your refrigerator is anything like mine, then the tech sheet is printed out on paper and tucked into the right hinge cover of your refrigerator. Still, email me anyway since there are potential pitfalls.

      I’m so upset so many people are getting tricked into buying new boards and the admins of Appliance Blog keeps deleting information that will help people not make that mistake. Jake is truly a dirtbag.

      1. Terry A King

        I’m having the same problems with the exact same symptoms. I have changed out the freezer evaporator fan with attached mister. Turned unit back on and within 1 hour I was getting the PO code again. I need some suggestions as to where to go from here. Some component is causing the PO code and I would rather replace that one bad part rather than both the control boards which do no seem to guarantee anything.


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