Dishwasher not draining – How to fix it

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If you are using dishwasher then sometimes you may have faced issue in dishwasher and wonder why is my dishwasher not draining? You can call the service man for repairing or solving this issue or you can also try below steps before taking any help from service center. A dishwater wont drain can become a serious problem in your kitchen but fear not in most cases you don’t have to buy a new one or call any professional technician to repair.

Why my dishwasher won’t drain

There are many reason why it is not draining. It may be cause due to clogging of pipe , valve stuck or faulty pump or any other issue. Lets look at some of the major reason that can cause this issue.

Common Factors

Drain Hose –  sometimes drain hose is clogged. The most common spot for blockage is at the garbage disposal.

Check valve could be stuck in closed position which can cause dishwasher won’t drain completely . Function of check valve is to stop water from reentering the dishwasher once it has been drained out.

Check ball might be stuck. It is a small plastic ball in the check valve which prevent water from returning again. If it is stuck then it will cause a problem.

Drain Pump is not working properly

Motor is not working properly. It might be making some weird humming noise instead of running, Normally in these cases you have replace the motor and pump.

Water Pump Belt – it can be broken

Drain Impeller is attached to the pump and its function is to push water out of dishwasher. If it is broken then dishwasher wont work properly.

The drain solenoid is an actuator that opens a flap to allow the water to drain. Sometimes in these cases it need to be replaced.

Clogged or improperly installed Garbage Disposer

Dishwasher Troubleshooting

How to fix dishwasher won’t drain

You can take help of professional Expert but in most cases you can also solve it yourself. Follow these simple steps. Check these things before calling any professionals.

Turn Off the Dishwasher

Make sure it is switched off from mains. Take all necessary precaution to avoid any accident. Water can be dangerous as it conducts electricity. So disconnecting electricity is the most important step before inspecting further.

Check Filters

If it is blocked then it will cause issue. Filters usually comes in 3 parts and easy to remove. For cleaning it remove the filters and clean it properly.

Check the waste hose for blockages

Waste hose is at the back of dishwasher. Check if it is pressed, squished or bent. If you see this then it can cause the blockage. Sometimes due to less space waste hose may become damage. So make sure that hose is getting enough space.

Check Sink Waste

Sometimes Sink blockage can cause water not to drain. The waste water hose pipe is connected to sin waste and if it is blocked then it is causing the issue. Make sure sink is Draining

Run the garbage disposer

If garbage disposer is blocked due to food built up it can become clogged due to less space inside for water to travel. Run the disposer thoroughly with plenty of water to really clear out the debris inside of it.

Clean the air gap

Check airgap and run the dishwater, and if you see the water coming out from airgap then the blockage is between air gap and the garbage disposer. check to see if the blockage is at the opening to the garbage disposer.

Check Pump and Motors

If it is not working properly then in most cases pump and motors need to be replaced.

Check Belt

Some old dishwasher uses belt to drive the pump. If the belt is slipping or damaged or dispaced then the pump that drains the dishwasher won’t function properly.

Check Timer

If your dishwasher is using mechanical timer to operate the dishwasher cycle the check the timer, it might be damaged. It controls pump and other functionality. It is located at control panel and for repairing it you will need some professional help.

What to do if dishwasher troubleshooting does not work

If you have tried all the above steps and even after that the dishwasher not draining then in most cases the problem is with dishwasher pump and motor. They might be damaged and you need to call the expert from appliance repair service ( bosh or ge or anyother company you prefer) .  If none of these solutions fix your leaking dishwasher situation, you may need to solicit the help of a dishwasher repair service.

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