Comcast pay bill phone number – 1-800-XFINITY

Are you searching for Comcast pay bill phone number? We have listed below the most recent shortest wait time and working toll free Comcast customer service phone number of Comcast. You can ask any bill payments related questions to the customer care executive of Comcast.

About Comcast

Comcast is a big american Cable and internet company which provides telecommunication and mass media services to its customers. It  provides its US customers services such as Broadband internet, Movies, Radio, Cable TV, Sports channel, Television Broadcasting and many more telecommunication services. Comcast was established on 1963 by Daniel Aaron, Ralph J. Roberts and Julian A. Brodsky in Mississippi, United States. Now it has been divided into various subsidiaries namely Comcast Business, Comcast Ventures, Comcast Cable, Comcast Interactive Media and NBC Universal etc. It has employed more then 13 thousand people. its corporate head quartered is located at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. recently some people has complained about its bad customer service and now Comcast is changing many ways to improve its customer support. You can pay your bill via online by many ways like Master card, Visa card, credit and debit cards, online banking etc.

Comcast pay bill phone number


Contact US page : Comcast Xfinity

Are you facing any issues on bill payments, comcast bill pay, refund, cancellation , new service or any other issues or complaints just call the above number. You will need your Billing account number and associated home phone number information to pay bill online. if you are using credit or debit card then you will need its number and expiration date. In case of online banking you will need checking/savings account and Bank routing number.

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How to comcast pay bill by phone ?

  1. Call 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489).
  2. Select prompt #2 for Billing and Payments.
  3. Now follow the instructions to pay your bill.

We hope that above information will help you in solving any billing and payment rated queries about Comcast.

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20 thoughts on “Comcast pay bill phone number – 1-800-XFINITY


    What number do I use to call Comcast to pay my bill from Cancun Mexixo? I received notification of card not working? All the 800 numbers don’t work

  2. Deborah Seid Arabi

    Continuous busy signal & unable to set up an act to pay on line-extremely maddening-what’s going on? Such incompetency! Bad enough my bill keeps going up & then to make it hard to pay my bill on the same day that it comes….

  3. Marion Johnson

    Good morning,

    I’ve attempted since yesterday to speak with someone about arrangements to pay my bill. Unfortunately, office was closed on yesterday and I was placed on hold and hung up on. I’m on the phone now on hold….I’ve been a faithful customer of Comcast since 2010. You would think that better services would be rendered to great customers.

      1. Sue Duncan

        Agreed! Worst ever! I have two accounts business and residential and they can never locate my residiential and the residential department can’t discuss business accounts and the business account can’t ever discuss the resident account. I can’t wait to move and be done with them!

  4. Carole Volpe

    That phone number does not work correctly, cannot pay bill , very frustrating!

  5. Monica

    It sad that every right need talk to someone about my billing the phone don’t work keep you on hold for so long and then hang up its so annoying by now you would think all the money you making off the customers the phones would work properly! Then I was told if I speak to the person thAt calls me it a third party and I would get billed talking and set up arrangements with them. Very unhappy customer!!!

  6. Amanda

    I’ve had nothin but problems with xfinity from the get go. hang ups from customer service people and everything. multiple shut offs after payments have already been made. I’m ready to switch.

  7. Gray Lambert

    Dear Friends:

    Regarding my bill. Appreciate your patience.

    My reason for a delay is the fact that I have experienced delays in receiving income promised to me from overseas.

    The funds if they had arrived on time would have made quick bill pay possible Unfortunately this did not happen. However, I have been informed that if all things are equal I will be receiving a major part of the funds on or before Friday. Due to your patience, I wanted to get this note off to you a s a p.

    I will pay the bill at one of your office or by phone as soon as the funds are received.

    Thank you.

    Gray Lambert

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  9. gilles pelletier

    This company is the worst company I have ever had to use..Just to pay my bill is an all day process…Get a new procedure for paying my bill..Looks like I’m not the only one with this problem….

  10. Annette Rath

    This is not about my bill but rather a lost signal and i couldn’t get my cable back on, I called last night and was told they would have someone come out between the hours of 10am to 12 noon, no one showed. I waited awhile and called and was told they had no record of my call. THIS is B.S. My time is just as important to me as yours is to you. I have been in customer service myself and neither i nor my employer ever treated a customer in this manner. PLEASE work on handling your customers better with quality service, talk the talk AND WALK THE WALK.

  11. mary jones

    I agree, very, very bad service. Customer service is poor, they are not truthful, they tell you what you want to hear to get you off the phone. Every month I experienced anxiety. I was going to discontinue my service and when I called to discontinue the customer rep convinced me that they will match their service to the service I was planning to contract with. Currently, I am on the phone trying to find out why the promise is a big lie!!

  12. Ernest Thomas

    I am on a record breaking holding time between the last 2 days of 13 hrs!!! I think my mind will be made to switch companies by the time they answer! I used to be animal loyal to Comcast. Now really thinking about switching. Makes me sad

  13. JoeX

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