AT&T Uverse Customer Service Number

Have you been looking for AT&T Uverse Customer Service Number? We have provided here shortest wait time toll free 1 800 phone number, official website, help and support forums, social media accounts and other relevant important customer care information of ATT U-verse which will help you in reach in a Live person at AT&T in quickest way possible.

U-verse is the name of service mark and a hallmark of AT&T and it provides triple  play telecommunication services in USA. Its services includes Television, TV Programs, TV, internet, broadband net, IP phone and mobile services and IPTV. AT&T wireless and DirectTV services also are underneath and managed by U-verse. It had been established within the year 2006. U-verse uses optic fiber technology which is a lot of efficient and transfer a lot of knowledge and data quicker than the normal cables employed by rival firms. Therefore you continually get HD footage, High Definition video and data, Super quick web surfing and downloading which makes it one of the best in Broadband and telecommunication services.

AT&T Uverse Customer Service Number

1 800 288 2020 .. Call Now.. Available 24*7

U-verse TV Customer Service : 1 800 288 2020
When To Call : Monday – Friday : 8am – 7pm | Saturday : 8am – 5pm Local time
Disability Resources TTY : 1 800 651 5111

When to Call :  Mon – Fri 8 am – 5 pm Local time

U-verse Internet Customer Service Number : please call 1 800 288 2020
ConnecTech Technical Support Solutions : 1 866 294 3464

DSL Customer Service : 1 800 288 2020

AT&T Customer Service Number

AT&T Internet Customer Service Number

AT&T Wireless Customer Service Number

AT&T GoPhone Customer Service Number

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Official Website :

At&t Login : Go Here

Help and support forums :

Social Media : Post to the wall, tweet them, rewteet the issue and raise the concern directly to the social media pr team of AT&T.


Postal and Headquarters Address

AT&T U-Verse
P.O. Box 5014
Carol Stream, IL 60197-501

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10 thoughts on “AT&T Uverse Customer Service Number

  1. Sheryl

    Hola, porfavor necesito que se comuniquen conmigo URGENTE, estoy tratando de llamar a los numeros telefonicos en referencia pero nadie me contesta!!
    Porfavor, mi correo es
    min num de itinerrario es 7219769695207. tengo seguro de viaje Protection Total Plan.
    mi Numero de celular es código de Perú (+511) 962251555.
    Mil gracias!

  2. Cecil Gilbreath

    Where is your Service Center location, so that I can exchange a now defective Uverse Receiver box??????

  3. Laurel Dykes

    I have been trying to get repair out to my business. I keep being told to reboot. After 3 times I need repair to come out. I can’t seem to get a real person on the line. I am sending a different email location because my internet and phone lines are not working.


    second receiver box defective and all they want to do is put you on hold! I really regret changing service to this and will be looking for a new vendor



    I agree – uverse sucks – I have been having problems with them all year and I am still not satisfied
    wow cable will be coming to parma ohio soon and I cannot wait to switch.

  6. Mich

    It’s disgusting how AT&T makes it so hard to get a real live person on the phone and how despite the huge tax cuts they got from the federal government the scumbags still outsource 99% of their calls for the sole purpose of cheap overseas labor. Time to boycott AT&T and their advertisers!

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