Sceptre TV Remote Codes

Have you bought the new universal remote control for TV and now you are looking for the Sceptre TV Remote Codes, then you are at the right place. We have listed the remote control codes for Sceptre TV. The below listed remote codes work with all valid universal remote controls. Please try each code if the one is not working. One of them should be working for your remote control.

Sceptre TV 5 Digits Remote Codes Sceptre TV 4 Digits Remote Codes RC64 Remote Codes
10878 0991 10878
11217 0000 11217
11360 0080 11360
11599 11599

How to Program Universal Remote control using Sceptre TV Remote Codes

  1. First step you have to Set the “Mode Switch” to TV.
  2. Now find and hold the Mute button and press select button tgether until LED light blink twice.
  3. Now enter the Sceptre TV Remote Codes.

We hope that above method works and please let us know if the codes given did not work. We will try to find the correct code for you. You can also check other TV remote codes like RCA TV here.